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The Elbe Lowland is one of the most northern wine regions in Europe. The smaller vineyards on the slopes on the southern and western shore of the river Elbe have their own microclimate. Limestone bedding is covered by layers of sandy-clay soil.

Melnik is 35 km north of Prague and 200 m above sea level. The Kraus Winery processes only grapes from its own vineyards and continues the centuries old tradition of winegrowing in Melnik. Kraus Winery is a family firm which owns 22 hectares of wineyards in Melnik.

The white grapes are processed in a way to become lively, reductive. light white wines with a typical bloomy and fruity varietal aroma. The varietal acidity gives the wine the lively character balanced by the residual sugar.

The red grapes are smoothly processed in order to keep their varietal character, get a deep red colour and a lower acidity. The best wines are maturing in small oak barrels called Barrique in order to form their character.